THURSDAYS 4 pm to 8 pm

June 20 - October 31

Bank St & Highland Ave
(Parking Lot of Abbott Church)


Soak up the Summer with MUSIC, MARKET-MADE RECIPES, & MUSHROOM UPDATE [Thurs. Jul 5]

Music & Entertainment Provided by Carlos O’ Charlies

We were hoping to see Andy’s Mushroom Farm again this Thursday, but we just found out they will not be with us for a few weeks due to a family illness. We wish Carol a speedy recovery! Highlandtown looks forward to your return!

Balsamic Portabella & Veggie Sandwich
• 4 Large Portabello Mushroom Caps (Andy’s Mushroom Farm)
• 1 Zuccini & 1 Squash (Kahl Farm)
• 1 Tomato (Barbour Fruit Farm)
• Bread/Roll
• Lettuce, mustard, cheese & other sandwich fixins

-Clean all produce; Cut zucchini & squash into strips
-Marinate squash, zucchini, & portabellas in mixture of balsamic vinegar & olive oil (2:1 ratio) and season with pepper & rosemary to taste
-After the veggies are marinated, heat up grill to about 400°
-Wrap zucchini & squash in foil, fold into a pouch, & place on grill (approx 10-15 min) *Note: veggies will take longer to cook than mushrooms
-Place portabellas directly on grill, 4 minutes per side
  *Be sure to baste periodically with leftover balsamic mixture
-When veggies & portabellas are done, make your sandwich! We used cheddar cheese, lettuce, mustard, tomato, & pickles!
(Courtesy of market volunteer, Scott)

Jack’s Cole Slaw (A Simple, Not so Sweet Cole Slaw)
• 1 Head of Cabbage
• 1 cup peeled carrots
• 2 tbs celery seeds or poppy seeds
• Marie’s Slaw Dressing
• Olive Oil Mayonnaise

-Remove outer leaves from the cabbage. 
-Quarter the head and remove the core. 
-Chop in the food processor using the thin slicing blade. 
-Chop any remaining large pieces of cabbage with a cup of peeled carrots in the food processor using the chopping blade.
-Add 2 Tbs of celery or poppy seeds. 
-Put cabbage/carrot mixture in a large bowl and moisten with equal parts of Marie's Slaw Dressing and olive oil mayonnaise. 

*Depending on personal preferences, add cider vinegar, sugar, and/or salt to taste. 
(Courtesy of market volunteer, Jack)

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