THURSDAYS 4 pm to 8 pm

June 20 - October 31

Bank St & Highland Ave
(Parking Lot of Abbott Church)


The Enoch Pratt Southeast Anchor Library
sponsors fun activities for children 

This weeks featured organization is the Enoch Pratt Southeast Anchor Library. With summer here the Library has a wealth of summer programs and opportunities for youths in the community.  Every week the Library hosts a variety of activities including but not limited to hula hoops, chalk drawing, limbo, craft workshops, and badminton. 

Got Crab? If not Gaffney's has a steady supply ready to eat. Pick some up to take home, or eat them right at the market in our cafe area!
At Gaffney's, we've been in business for over 35 years. Since we started back in 1971 our Chesapeake watermen have been crabbin' the bay every day to bring out the best God-given seafood a person can find. The crab don't just jump onto your plate, ya hear me? Our watermen are up with the sun and off to find where the crab are moving, using all their years of crabbin' skill and their knowledge of water and weather. We pride ourselves on being independant of any conglomerate and work to get the freshest crab back to our docks every day. Throughout the year we travel miles of water to cover the vast harvesting grounds of the bay. Over these miles we check our hundreds of pots daily for the jimmies and sooks that make Gaffney's the freshest crabs you'll find.

Via Gaffneys website. 

 Under the guidance of Rebecca Green, Kursten Pickup, and Jess Wyatt, refugee youths created a mural at the market. The mural was installed on the IRC building and tells the story of the journey of the refugee from their homeland to their new home in Baltimore.

Coming to the market June 30th, Aaron Lee performs from 5-7pm.
The Ukulele by Bicycle Tour is a project of ukulele songwriter Aaron Lee, who rides his bicycle between concerts to promotes community building, local action and sustainability. In the fall of 2010, Lee rode over 2000 miles and performed over 40 concerts between Portland, ME and Americus, GA. Each concert benefits an organization that is doing work in their local community. In this way, the concert provides a positive community experience, in addition to raising awareness for the organization. In a global sense, the tour promotes the causes of living simply and sustainably (through the limits and freedoms of touring by bicycle), acting locally (through working with local organizations), and the energy of community (events are a celebration of community through a shared musical experience). Lee is back on the road in 2011, touring between South Carolina and Wisconsin in the spring and summer.
In February of 2010, Lee released The Ukulele Project, a 14 song record in which all of the songs creatively and intentionally feature the word ukulele. Lee has performed all over the northeastern United States both as a solo act and with his ukulele, piano, and upright bass trio. 

Via Aaron Lee's Website 

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